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Set in the epic world of Shaintar, young men and women (okay and a goblin and some elf-y types) have taken up the mantles of the Gray Rangers, sworn to protect the innocent and uphold the spirit of Law in these lawless lands.

The story is just beginning, the legends are being written.

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The Wild Lands are bordered by Olara in the north, the forests of the Elvish Nation to the northwest, the sea on the west, the Freelands to the south, and Galea to the east. This untamed expanse is carved up into semi-traditional regions with no real or lasting governments to pin them down exactly.

In the heart of the Wild Lands is the region of Atracia, known for small villages, farms, orchards, and not much else. The land is not rich enough to attract many settlers so most of the region is sparsely populated if at all. People tend to cluster for mutual protection.

Ashton is one of these small village that happens to lie on the ancient Grand Trunk Road, a trade route stretching from Shard in the far northern depths of Shaya’Nor to Fortune in the far south of the Freelands, roughly 2,000 miles. With the wars and strife of the last centuries, the Grand Trunk Road has been much forgotten, but the last century of peace and prosperity is reviving it.

(For campaign members, a map of the extent of the Wildlands has been posted to our private forums.)

Since I’ve not become a paid member of OP, I can only upload one map. For one look at the lands near Ashton with local features, look here

For the town map of Ashton, look here


Monster of Ash Woods

The New Arrivals
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