As the campaign grows, the places that have been visited or mentioned grows. We’re approaching this organically, not creating things that aren’t immediately relevant or soon-to-be.

Ashton – home base for the 7th Heron squad of the Gray Rangers.

Ash Woods – 200 acres of woodlands northeast of Ashton and known for walnuts, boars, and a ruined tower said to have once been owned by Archanon the Ascended.

The Barn – A barn on the edge of Ashton that was once used as a temple to an evil god is now the lodge for the 7th Heron squad.

Bob the Healer’s House – The equivalent of a swank bachelor pad and doctor’s office. Bob enjoys spending time with ‘the ladies’.

Fat Boar Tavern – the only public house in Ashton, run by Hollister Van.

Fort Jeremiah – The headquarters of the Gray Rangers, located in Kythros. Ranger training is handled here as well as armament, horse training, housing for Rangers not otherwise assigned, administration, and leadership. Sergeant Husk lives here. He trained the 7th Heron squad and directed them while they were in Kythros. They are now operating independently, though he will look in on them from time to time.

Mandelle – A slightly larger town a day’s hard ride southwest of Ashton. Home of Thomas the Fair, cousin of Bob the Healer.

Sir Maurice’s House – Always under construction, renovation, or expansion, this house is the largest in Ashton. Sir Maurice Maxfield sees it as a symbol of his wealth, power, and influence. He who has the biggest house runs the town, or so he says.


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