Preparation for Session

  • Assemble figurines for the adventure.
  • Assemble any additional physical setup
  • Assemble any prepared maps
  • Load maps into Maptools
  • Create tokens for NPCs in map scenes
  • Load visuals into Maptools as separate “maps”

Session Setup

  • Battlemat or Prepared Maps on tabletop.
  • Character Figurines on tabletop.
  • GM has adventure figurines “close at hand”.
  • Optional: Additional physical setup (dominoes, trees, objects, walls, etc.)
  • Blast Radius rings (2”, 4”, 6” diameters)
  • Savage Worlds Initiative Card Deck
  • Poker Chips: Blue for Bennies, White for Shaken, Red for Wounds
  • GM Set Up on wide side of table, Players other three sides
  • Provide Rules Cheat Sheets and Guidelines
  • Hook-up GM PC (not Mac) to hardwire Ethernet.
  • GM determine DHCP’d IP Address of their PC (Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center, View Status, Details, IPv4 Address)
  • Check Linksys Router to make sure the Port Forwarding is for that IP address. (Login into the router (, admin/admin, Port Forwarding section) If not, change the router rule to the PC’s IP address, reboot the router. Check again and repeat until they match.
  • GM start-up Maptools (v63) on PC, start Maptools server (Server Alias: CGG, Player Password: cggpw)
  • Set up second computer for Virtual Players (largest screen + built-in microphone – Mac, laptop if not). Start Skype for Virtual Players to join when they get on (call Mark Gilicinski’s account?). Attach Web Camera to computer and put it to capture GM+ a player or more.
  • Virtual Players log into Maptools Server: CGG, Password: cggpw
  • Virtual Players call into Skype (Mark Gilicinski’s account?)
  • Make sure the Skype is running the video.

Running the Session

Arrive by 7pm or earlier to get technology setup and let the GM prepare to run the game.
Get Tech setup before 7pm.
GM starts with warm-up scene with the players who are there by 7pm.
Main game starts no later than 7:30pm.
Game aims to end at 10:30pm. (Currently most acceptable prime gaming time)
Post-game 10:30pm for clean-up, resolving questions. Shouldn’t include additional play unless everyone is staying.

  • Assign a player to be in charge of gathering and shuffling the initiative deck.
  • Assign a player to be in charge of the table-top maps and additional objects.
  • Assign a player to take notes on any rules that come into question during the session.
  • Always have a relevant visual showing in Maptools.
  • Restrict token use to actual tactical situations (combat-possible/imminent)
  • Check to make sure GM can be easily heard by the Virtual Players


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