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  • Monster of Ash Woods

    *GM* "Big Dog":http://www.obsidianportal.com/profile/DragonlairdGaming *Rangers* [[:79967 | Hargen]], [[:79979 | Kmon Madbrewer]], [[:80039 | Lou Al-Hundra]], [[:80038 | Mandikar]], [[:80041 | Rashid]] The first adventure of our Shaintar campaign …

  • Kaval Shardson

    Born on the 13th day of Falling Ice in 3096 (not an auspicious beginning), Kaval was born into a large but broken family. He has ten brothers that he knows of, all of the same father but many mothers who played temporary roles in the family at best. …

  • Sergeant Husk

    He’s shown his battle skills by surviving several quite hairy encounters and has a knack for teaching those skills to others. If he could learn his Please and Thank Yous, he’d be a Sergeant Minor by now.

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