CGG SW Shaintar

Monster of Ash Woods
Something brutish lurks near dear Ashton

GM Big Dog

Rangers Hargen, Kmon Madbrewer, Lou Al-Hundra, Mandikar, Rashid

The first adventure of our Shaintar campaign took the members of the 7th Heron squad of Gray Rangers to the small town of Ashton. A monster had been reported in the nearby Ash Woods, attacking and killing some travelers and some locals.

The members of 7th Heron who were assigned to this mission were: Kmon the goblin alchemist, Rashid the Korindian archer, Hargen the two-sword fighter, Lou the arabic rogue, and Mandikar the Alakar warrior.

The New Arrivals

Time Between Adventures

Life in Ashton is starting to return to normal. Woodsman are willing to go back out due to the brave deeds of our heros. Our heros were about to set off Kythros when several riders enter the town, and amongst them is Kaval Shardson, a comrad from the 7th Heron. Before the Heroes of Ashton can ask any questions, the aging Knight in the group says with authority “Sir Maurice Maxfield, Captain of the Fox Company, Olara, Retired, at your service. Its good to see the Rangers have already cleared the area. We cannot have any malcontents threatening our find hamlet!”

Kaval adds, “I have interesting news. We have been commissioned to establish a Grey Ranger outpost here in Ashton. This will be our new home.”

Hargen's Fortune

Hargen’s reading as told by Madam Eva:

OOC: Since I didn’t want to interfere with Jo’s reading, I thought I would start a new thread for Hargen. Also, I am envisioning that the right side of his face looks like Mel Gibson in The Man Without a Face.

Hargen was pleasantly surprised when the Vistani arrived. He had been spending most of his time alone in the woods since the attack by the evil priest. Originally he had hoped that the magical healing would be able to remove the burns on the right side of his face. However, after several visits to Bob the Healer and his cousin in Mandelle, it quickly became apparent that the scars were not going to go away. He had hoped to travel with Kmon back to Kythros, but his duty kept him at Ashton.

The Vistani offered a new diversion, which he was grateful for. He spent the first day of the Festival mingling freely with everyone. He was able, for the most part, to ignore the staring and managed to resist the urge to scare a few of the small children that stared too long. He had just paused to realize how much he was enjoying himself when he heard a voice.

Kaval's Fortune

Kaval Shardson’s fortune as told by Madam Eva

Kaval stepped out of the Ranger Lodge still picking food out of his teeth. He scowled as he was wont to do. In his experience, if life was all happiness and joy, then the killing was about to start. He watched the Vistani moving about their “fair”, shaking night dew and rain water off the colorfully striped booth awnings, exercising the rare animals, chatting and laughing as usual. He ignored the girl, (was her name Esthera?) though that surprised him. He usually had no qualms about sharing his bed but perhaps he’d heard too much of these Vistani. Glancing into town, he saw Widow Ellen helping some of her elderly neighbors and started to wonder…

“Fortune told, sah? First of the new sun, always the clearest words!” pitched a wiry Vistani boy of about 10 years old. “If you don’t like the cahds, you can watch my sister’s bobbies,” he adds with a creepy, conspiratorial wink.

Lou's Fortune

Lou Al-Hundra’s fortune as told by Madam Eva

The fresh morning air tasted of grass and clover as Lou took in a deep breath through her mouth. She bent low until her hand touched the ground beside her feet. With a long audible exhale she stretched up until her hand reached far over her head. She stood like that for a moment feeling the warm new sun on her face. Her mind was clear of thought and her body tingled with the energy of the stretching routine. Taking another deep breath, she opened her eyes.

Crouching ten feet in front of her was a young Vistani boy. He watched her with his head tilled to the side, a smile too old for his age across his face. Lou jumped, having been brought out of her calm by this odd child.

“Fortune told, mam? First of the new sun, always the clearest words!”, he said in a practiced voice.

Mandikar's Fortune

Mandikar’s fortune as told by Madam Eva

In the days since the priest incident, Mandikar grew from viewing Ashton with pity from the plight of its people to fondness. He had always been a sucker for the weak, the underdog. As such he found himself helping out the villagers in small ways – tracking down a horse that got loose into the woods, using his brute strength to help a farmer mend a fence, and rescuing young Newt’s pet cat from up a tree – although the cat had other ideas and tried to place a “Hargen” on Mandikar’s face.

Being more practical in nature, the Vistani Festival was more of a nuisance. Mandikar was not a student of the arts and didn’t particularly appreciate music or dance. Now had there been bear wrestling or contests of strength – that would be entirely different.

One day during the festival Mandikar was wandering through the proceedings, not paying much attention to much of anything.

“Fortune told, ash? Know what’s to come on the morrow.”

Rashid's Fortune

Rashid’s fortune as told by Madam Eva

Dugger – please add based on your notes…

The Vistani and Tarot Cards
It's all fun and games until someone gets summoned.

GM Jeff amerigoV

Rangers Hargen, Kaval Shardson, Lou Al-Hundra, Mandikar, Rashid

Life is developing into somewhat of a routine in the village of Ashton. Hollister, the nominal mayor and owner of the Fat Boar tavern, tends to most squabbles or need for ‘the word of authority’. Sir Maurice is finishing his fancy house in town and spends much of his time attempting to exert his own influence over the good people. He can often be found in the Fat Boar trying to convince Hollister to back him in whatever his latest plan for growing the village is.

A few days ago, a troupe of Vistani arrived at the village, setting up their colorful tents between the Gray Ranger’s Barn and the town itself. They were quite a spectacle with the truly amazing feats of acrobatics from the Flying Wandinis (an unfortunate family of midgets), the antics of the somberly painted ‘clowns’, the strong men, and the tent of the Fortune Teller, Madam Eva.

Kaval had been in Ashton long enough to settle into a routine with the rest of the squad. Without Kmon to cook, they’d been given to the tender culinary mercies of Widow Ellen and her daughter, Newt. Kaval wasn’t sure about the others, but he certainly thought that Widow Ellen was a pretty woman, widowed young. He caught himself being extra polite around her, but it felt awkward. He’d never had a woman to teach him how to behave any better than a soldier or a Gryphon Guardsman.

The Dead Bride
Love and Tragedy in Westbridge

GM BigDog DragonlairdGaming

Rangers Mandikar, Lou Al-Hundra, Rashid, Kmon Madbrewer, Hargen

Part of the 7th Heron Squad is making a tour of the (What is the name on the big map?) Hills, a week’s ride west of Ashton. Rumors of a Goblin warband are proving to be insubstantial and they are preparing to return toward their home base.

They ride into the bustling town of West Bridge on the (name?) River that runs along the eastern edge of the (TBD) Hills. There appears to be good river traffic with a maze of docks and riverboats to be seen. The townsfolk seem subdued in their reaction to the Gray Rangers. No children run out to follow their horses.

The Rangers sniff around the central plaza of town, identifying one inn (the Waylaid Traveler) and several taverns including the “Split Hog Tavern”. They split up, each trying to get information as best they can. They soon determine that there is a gang in town that seems to run things as well as a “Boss” named Hugo Kord. Hugo is a local farmer who is too old to work his farm, but he hangs around town, settling disputes and shooting the breeze with his friends.

Ghosts and Goblins in Ashton
The Past can sometimes haunt you.

GM Kramday kramday

Rangers Kaval Shardson, Lou Al-Hundra, Rashid, Kmon Madbrewer

Much of the life of a Gray Ranger is spent in the saddle. Kaval thought about this as he guided Thane through a thicket and back to connect to the main road. He, Lou, Rashid, Kmon, and Mandikar had been riding for a week visiting some of the villages, farmsteads, and isolated dwellings east of Ashton. They’d been talking to local leaders, making friends, spending their gold on local food and drink and provisions. So far, they’d not encountered any major trouble. There was that one kid in Twarkells who got the offical “Gray Ranger Be Good” talking to as apparently he’d been developing a habit of theft. Kaval didn’t expect it to work, but they knew where to find the kid for next time.

In Farbogs, Mandikar found a kindred soul of sorts and elected to stay behind for a few days to cement some local friendships. The others waved him goodbye and rode back toward Ashton.

Outside of the village, the Rangers encountered a breathless boy running toward them. “Thank the heavens you’ve returned! Plague! Plague, I tell you, is in the village!!!”


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