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Adventures in Ciridam - Part 1
Tin Kings and Petty Kingdoms

Again, a placeholder for player log. If nothing else, I’ll try to post the story highlights for next time since this is a two+-parter.

The Lost Paywagon
Wait... they stole OUR money?

This is where a Player’s Log would go. Not sure what incentive I can offer to get player’s to log anymore…

Thane Becomes a War Horse
and Kaval Becomes a Cavalryman

After reporting in at Kythros and getting approval from the commander, Kaval rode to the nearby estate of Lord Lance Mestrode, retired Gray Ranger. As soon as he passed the stone marker on the edge of the estate, Kaval amazed at the lush grasses and far-off herd of horses he saw running across the top of some hills. The manor house itself was impressive, though smaller than the extensive stables. It was all a flurry of activity with soldiers training with their mounts, horses being broken, the blacksmith working on a seemingly endless pile of iron horseshoes, and civilians just riding. Kaval patted Thane’s neck.

“We’re in the right place.”

Evil Seeds of the Aftermath

Kaval writes…

“The goblins are gone, but the destruction wrought during their siege lies all around us. Several homes were burned to the ground and much of the nearby crops were stolen or spoiled by the invaders. Cooperating with Sir Maurice, we’ve been directing clean up of things and starting to rebuild. We’re lucky, I suppose, that the attack came in Red Wolf, early summer, so the good people here have time to replant a crop or two. It will still be a hungry winter unless we get help.”

Gathering of a Horde

GM Jeff amerigoV

Rangers Hargen, Kaval Shardson, Lou Al-Hundra, Mandikar

Player’s Log

On the road again, Kaval nudged Thane back from the edge of the trail. They’d left Rashid and Kmon back at Ashton since this was just going to be a minor patrol. Kaval breathed the air in deeply and smiled. It felt right to be in the saddle and he patted Thane’s neck.

They were following one of the many small trails that led away from Ashton into the sparsely populated Wild Lands. It didn’t take long on horseback to leave the tilled fields of the village and the sporadic traffic of the road behind them.

“Watch yourselves,” he cautioned to Mandikar, Lou, and Hargen. “We’re close to Ursula’s territory.”

Mandikar turned to him with a questioning look.

“An old bear the woodsmen were telling me about. Very nasty. She’s killed a few people over the last ten years.”

Temple of the Three

A Savage Shaintar Adventure by Jim Davenport

GAMEMASTER’S NOTES (No Player’s Log appears to be available)

MetaGame Goal

Introduce more of the religion of Shaintar (give them the hand-out, talk through it). Flesh out some of the nearby area of Ashton. Include more non-humans. Battle against a lot of weak enemies (Ratzin) and an Elite enemy who will flee for another day.

Story Goal

Let them come in and battle Childer, demon monsters and feel the touch of Ceynara worshippers in their area.


Our heroes head out on a routine circuit, this time heading south of Ashton. They pass some landmarks, have some mild forest encounters including an Eldakar. They reach Templeton in time to learn that there’s trouble at the Temple. They journey up, figure out how to get into the locked Temple and find a running battle of Childer (Ratzin) across the Temple grounds. They are directly quickly to the inner Shrine to help save the Relic there. Jumping into the fray, they battle Ratzin and a Minotaur as the true evil one flies away. See the aftermath of this invasion of chaos.

Ghosts and Goblins in Ashton
The Past can sometimes haunt you.

GM Kramday kramday

Rangers Kaval Shardson, Lou Al-Hundra, Rashid, Kmon Madbrewer

Much of the life of a Gray Ranger is spent in the saddle. Kaval thought about this as he guided Thane through a thicket and back to connect to the main road. He, Lou, Rashid, Kmon, and Mandikar had been riding for a week visiting some of the villages, farmsteads, and isolated dwellings east of Ashton. They’d been talking to local leaders, making friends, spending their gold on local food and drink and provisions. So far, they’d not encountered any major trouble. There was that one kid in Twarkells who got the offical “Gray Ranger Be Good” talking to as apparently he’d been developing a habit of theft. Kaval didn’t expect it to work, but they knew where to find the kid for next time.

In Farbogs, Mandikar found a kindred soul of sorts and elected to stay behind for a few days to cement some local friendships. The others waved him goodbye and rode back toward Ashton.

Outside of the village, the Rangers encountered a breathless boy running toward them. “Thank the heavens you’ve returned! Plague! Plague, I tell you, is in the village!!!”

The Dead Bride
Love and Tragedy in Westbridge

GM BigDog DragonlairdGaming

Rangers Mandikar, Lou Al-Hundra, Rashid, Kmon Madbrewer, Hargen

Part of the 7th Heron Squad is making a tour of the (What is the name on the big map?) Hills, a week’s ride west of Ashton. Rumors of a Goblin warband are proving to be insubstantial and they are preparing to return toward their home base.

They ride into the bustling town of West Bridge on the (name?) River that runs along the eastern edge of the (TBD) Hills. There appears to be good river traffic with a maze of docks and riverboats to be seen. The townsfolk seem subdued in their reaction to the Gray Rangers. No children run out to follow their horses.

The Rangers sniff around the central plaza of town, identifying one inn (the Waylaid Traveler) and several taverns including the “Split Hog Tavern”. They split up, each trying to get information as best they can. They soon determine that there is a gang in town that seems to run things as well as a “Boss” named Hugo Kord. Hugo is a local farmer who is too old to work his farm, but he hangs around town, settling disputes and shooting the breeze with his friends.

The Vistani and Tarot Cards
It's all fun and games until someone gets summoned.

GM Jeff amerigoV

Rangers Hargen, Kaval Shardson, Lou Al-Hundra, Mandikar, Rashid

Life is developing into somewhat of a routine in the village of Ashton. Hollister, the nominal mayor and owner of the Fat Boar tavern, tends to most squabbles or need for ‘the word of authority’. Sir Maurice is finishing his fancy house in town and spends much of his time attempting to exert his own influence over the good people. He can often be found in the Fat Boar trying to convince Hollister to back him in whatever his latest plan for growing the village is.

A few days ago, a troupe of Vistani arrived at the village, setting up their colorful tents between the Gray Ranger’s Barn and the town itself. They were quite a spectacle with the truly amazing feats of acrobatics from the Flying Wandinis (an unfortunate family of midgets), the antics of the somberly painted ‘clowns’, the strong men, and the tent of the Fortune Teller, Madam Eva.

Kaval had been in Ashton long enough to settle into a routine with the rest of the squad. Without Kmon to cook, they’d been given to the tender culinary mercies of Widow Ellen and her daughter, Newt. Kaval wasn’t sure about the others, but he certainly thought that Widow Ellen was a pretty woman, widowed young. He caught himself being extra polite around her, but it felt awkward. He’d never had a woman to teach him how to behave any better than a soldier or a Gryphon Guardsman.

Rashid's Fortune

Rashid’s fortune as told by Madam Eva

Dugger – please add based on your notes…


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