Sword of Purity

This bastard sword shines with brilliance.

weapon (melee)

This is a White Silver Bastard Sword. It has potential to grow more powerful with further enchantments and become legendary in the hands of a worthy wielder.


Forged for the paladin Sir Marskal Viel, it was his favored weapon until he retired from fighting in the field and began his life as a meditative monk. In his late years (80s), he took the sword and little else to begin walking the land in search of a worthy successor. Whether it be by divine guidance, his lingering skills, or dumb luck, Father Viel traveled for seven months without losing the sword to bandits or others. He was finally accosted by the very men he’d hired to take him across a river in the Wildlands. Sensing that the sword had found its destiny and that he could rest in peace, he gave the sword to the bandits who promptly cut his throat and dumped him in the river.

The sword was recently liberated from the hands of the Dock Boys river bandits and their leader, Herkaal the Puppeteer.

Sword of Purity

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