Ring of Bones

A magical ring which can summon walls of bones


Using the ring casts the “Barrier” power in the form of bones which materialize out of thin air in the hundreds to stack up into a wall. It uses 1 power point for each 1” of barrier with 10 power points total before needing to recharge (24 hours). When used, it has a d8 Casting skill.


Originally a favored ring by denizens of far northeast of Shaintar, this one was cut from the dead hand of a vampire by the brave Sir Lucius. He gave it to the first holy church he found after escaping the north. That church eventually sold it for the money. It passed through many hands until it was fancied by a river merchant named Wemmer Klaus. It was stolen from him by the Dock Boys river bandits under the leadership of Herkaal the Puppeteer. It was recently confiscated from him by the Gray Rangers.

Ring of Bones

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