Winged Destruction

A bow which shoots firey arrows

weapon (ranged)

Normal arrows nocked to this bow burst into flame. When they strike an opponent, they do +2 damage (+4 if the attack was a Raise).


One of one hundred such weapons crafted for the armies of the Cleansing Fire, few remain in public hands. It is rumored that twenty are kept hidden by the armies of Olara for their use and that perhaps another forty were destroyed by the crusading paladins of Archanon of the Light for their supposed association with the Flame.

This particular bow was given to Julian Kerk, a Galean archer who fought in the Wars of Cleansing Fire and who stole it to take it home with him when the wars ended. Being a very recognizable weapon, he kept it locked away for years until his son went to follow in his footsteps as an archer-soldier. Young Brataus Kerk was ambushed as he was traveling in the Wildlands and slain, the bow falling into the hands of Herkaal, leader of a band of river bandits.

The bow is of dark, almost blackened wood, carved with decorative lines filled in with gold paint. When used, the flame begins at the archer’s fingertips and flows out across the arrow in but a moment, burning neither the archer nor the bow. When it flies, the arrow is bright and when it strikes flashes with firey brilliance.

Winged Destruction

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