A very quick little sword

weapon (melee)

A quick little sword! This blades has a knack for getting into the fray quickly.

Crunch – Grants the Quick Edge (discard initiative cards that are 5 and under) when drawn and weilded. (so you do not get the Edge if sheathed or packed away).

Market Value: ~ $2,200


Most recently was in the hands of the Vistani. Found on the body of the elder Vistani leading the summoning ritual.

A century ago, Damian Shade was a much feared name in Kythros. Rogue, thief, assassin, hero to the poor, there were many faces to Shade. But the years were catching up to him and he began to look for edges that could keep him ahead of the Rangers or his enemies. Seeker was the first such attempt.

Shade made a deal with the Wizards of Brule to have the weapon crafted in exchange for releasing one of their members from prison. The release was successful and the weapon was delivered as promised. Shade accumulated several other bits of magic before his death including a Cloak of the Wind (allowing him to fly for short distances), a Taster’s Amulet (detect poison nearby), and a Ring of Alertness (+2 Notice).

After Shade’s famous death on the Tower of Eagles in Kythros, his possessions were scattered, some captured by the Rangers, others used by his rivals. Seeker, however, was successfully delivered to Shade’s son, Rogar, and later bequeathed to Rogar’s son, Dagen Shade.

It remained in the family (to good use though less fame than Damian) until ten years ago when it was stolen by a gang of thieves. It floated around from one bandit to a thief to a soldier. The last possessor before the Vistani was Khevar Shallc, a caravan soldier fooled by a Vistani wench and slain when he attempted to “rescue” her from her “abusive family”.

Once within the Vistani ranks, it was quickly claimed by an elder, Borgamos Vistani, until he fell to the Gray Rangers.


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