Kaval Shardson

Bristly Galean Warrior who Likes to Gamble


Race: Galean (Human)

Background: Soldier

Defining Interests (Bonus to Common Knowledge Rolls) Childhood Hobbies: Knowledge: Horses, Know: Games of Chance Teenage Years: Know: Horses (+2), Teamstering (+1), Know: Soldiering Young Adult: Know: Wildlands, Know: Life on the Road (+1), Know: Caravans (+1) Smarts: Know: Wildlands (+2), Know: Games of Chance (+2), Know: Soldiering(+2)

ABILITIES Agility d8 Pace 6 Smarts d6 Parry 7 Spirit d4 Tough 6 / 9 (armor) Strength d12 Char 0 Vigor d6

SKILLS Climbing (Str) d6 Fighting (Agil) d8 Knowledge: Supernatural Monsters (Sm) d4 (Dark and the Flame creatures) Knowledge: Politics (Sm) d4 (Who is in charge, where, inter-relations, local authorities) Notice (Sm) d8 Riding (Agil) d8 (Use lowest of fighting/riding when melee from horseback) Shooting (Agil) d6 Stealth (Agil) d6 Streetwise (Sm)d4 Survival (Sm) d6

HINDRANCES Heroic (Major) Kaval always helps those in need. Habit (Minor) Kaval picked up smoking pipeweed from his brothers and hasn’t quit the habit. He’ll likely look for fresh pipeweed when he can but light up whether it is appropriate or not. Quirk (Minor) Unless it interferes with saving lives of innocents or his friends, Kaval can be easily drawn into any games of chance, which he will likely lose. He doesn’t risk big amounts (This is not the Poverty Hindrance) Enemy (Minor) His family and the Scarlet Blades are considered hostile enemies inside the walls of Gryphon.

EDGES Brawny, South-Born, Sweep (One fighting attack at -2 vs. everyone adjacent to him (friend and foe), rolling damage for each separately.)

GEAR Bastard Sword (One-handed: STR+d8; Two-handed: STR+d10) One Bow (Range 12/24/48; 2d6 damage), Quiver (20 arrows) Mixed Armor (plate, chain, leather): Equivalent to Partial Chainmail Armor (+3 toughness; -2 called shot penalty; enameled with Grey Ranger Crest), Buckler: +1 Parry Thane, Horse with Full Tack and Saddle, Large Backpack, Light Bedroll Two sets of Ranger clothing (green/grey cloaks, pants, shirts, boots complete with Ranger insignia)


Born on the 13th day of Falling Ice in 3096 (not an auspicious beginning), Kaval was born into a large but broken family. He has ten brothers that he knows of, all of the same father but many mothers who played temporary roles in the family at best. Without steady female guidance, the household was a rather raucous affair.

Traum Shard, patriarch of the family, was a soldier for the city-state of Gryphon in Galea. Usually holding the rank of Sergeant, he made it clear that his boys would do right, learn the sword, and serve the city-state like himself.

At first Kaval was a fine addition to the family. Strong and ready for a scrap with his elders, he wouldn’t back down and no one can remember him ever crying. He showed a good touch with animals, spending much of his time in the stables of the family compound.

When he was 15 (in 3111), he discovered that his father and older brothers were taking money from the Scarlet Blades (a criminal gang) to look the other way or even rough up witnesses. All of his father’s lectures about the duties of the Guard, protecting the good people were a load of horseshit. His four elder brothers had all easily adapted their moral compasses and continue to serve with Da to this day. Kaval couldn’t stomach it and confronted Traum and his elder brothers. They beat him up in a fight that got very serious. Most of them were half-brothers and had less compunction than one might expect toward ganging up on Kaval. Only Traum’s hand kept the beating from becoming fatal. Perhaps a shard of guilt in Traum’s heart admired Kaval’s refusal to give up the high ideals he himself had lost. He simply banished Kaval from Gryphon on threat of death should he return. While Traum might not kill his son, the Scarlet Blades know who he is and will try to kill him if he returns.

Kaval left Gryphon bleeding and unconscious on the back of his horse, Thane. On his own, the horse took him to a roadside inn four hours from the city. That sort of loyalty is hard to find in Kaval’s book so he’s kept Thane with him ever since. Unfortunately, Thane is not a warhorse so Kaval tries to avoid bringing him into or near combat.

He wandered northwest until he picked up a caravan guard job in Five Cross. That led to Shale, some time guarding a merchant’s shop, courtship of a young woman named Bree which didn’t work out, and more caravan work down to Nortrel. By now he was 23 and had heard and seen plenty about the Grey Rangers. He and Thane made their way south to Kythros, applied and Kaval became a Ranger on the first of White Stag of 3119. He spent his requisite time as a Ranger-Trainee and was promoted at the age of 24 to Ranger.

Kaval Shardson

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