RIP - Kmon Madbrewer


Born in the north, Kmon came from a long line of “Boomers” – alchemists. His given name is Kmon (think Jamaican) due to his incessant curiosity about all things (although he does not always retain the knowledge). He was part of a goblin/hobgoblin/ogre raiding party headed south. In one misadventure, he fell into a nest of large spiders in an attempt to gather regents for his formulae. He never quite got over the experience and refuses to talk about it. Eventually, the raiding party made it south. While Kmon was back at the base came, most of the party was wiped out by the Rangers as they attempted to raid a nearby village. The Rangers tracked back to the base camp and found Kmon happily brewing away (no one is quite sure if it was dinner or another potion – Kmon has a passion for cooking as well). Several of the Rangers want to kill him outright and finish the raid. However, (insert another PC name) saw the possibilities of having access to a goblin Boomer, as their explosive arrows are rather reknown. In gratitude for saving his life, Kmon has Vowed his life to the PC and would gladly give his own life in their place.


Due to the continued cowardace of Mandikar, Kmon died trying to save himself from a band of Knights.

RIP - Kmon Madbrewer

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