CGG SW Shaintar

The New Arrivals

Time Between Adventures

Life in Ashton is starting to return to normal. Woodsman are willing to go back out due to the brave deeds of our heros. Our heros were about to set off Kythros when several riders enter the town, and amongst them is Kaval Shardson, a comrad from the 7th Heron. Before the Heroes of Ashton can ask any questions, the aging Knight in the group says with authority “Sir Maurice Maxfield, Captain of the Fox Company, Olara, Retired, at your service. Its good to see the Rangers have already cleared the area. We cannot have any malcontents threatening our find hamlet!”

Kaval adds, “I have interesting news. We have been commissioned to establish a Grey Ranger outpost here in Ashton. This will be our new home.”

The Rangers have dinner at Sir Maurice’s rather plush accomdations. He bought the largest house in town and renovated it. He was away on business during all the issues with the monster and the evil cleric. When he heard of the issues and your heroics, he immediately “talked to the right people” and got some Rangers stationed out here. “I’ve got plans for this little town. Its natural beauty and bountiful resources will make this an attractive get away for some of the nobility I know. Its your job to keep anything from ruining that plan, understood? Good! Now on to the next course!”

Finally, Sir Maurice informs you that he and Hollister Van, the closest thing this hamlet has to a mayor, came to an agreement that the Rangers are to set up in the Barn. Some townsfolk have already volunteered to help clean it up to make it a real Ranger Lodge. Widow Ellen, her 8 year old daughter Newt in tow, occassionaly brings over a hot meal in relief of Kmon’s spicey cooking. {for those PCs interested in an romatic tie, Widow Ellen is still relatively young, has an upbeat personality, is rather good looking, and hints at her availability.}

A few other Rangers also came in the group. They, along with Kmon, start on their trip back to Kythros to dispose of the Necrostaff.

We find our heroes in The Fat Boar having a late afternoon snack and drink with the locals. Maggie, who does supply runs in the region is having a spirited discussion with Bob the Healer about the local’s sophistication, or lack there of according to Bob. Bob the Healer is a classically educated man from Vale and is spending time working off his debt here in Ashton, but he just does not quite “get” this town. Maggie tries to straighten him out, but such discussions usually just break out into verbal fight with one huffing off.


Sir Maurice is also gracing the tavern with his presence, talking about some of his grandiose plans to Hollister. Hollister is both the proprietor and reluctant town mayor of Ashton. Hollister keeps pointing out that some of Sir Maurice’s plans will change the very nature of what attracted him to Ashton, but Sir Maurice will have none of it, bemoaning the small mindedness of some in this hamlet. Joel of the Cups, ever present, counters with the idea that to observe is to change what is being observed, which perplexes everyone.

All is normal for this sleeply little hamlet, until something happens that will change it forever…the Vistani arrive!

Almost immediately, a Vistani Festival brakes out in the grassy field between the town the Ranger Lodge. An extravaganza of colorful, joyful and refreshing Vistani music that is full of energy and character. A dashing, olive skinned man shouts out, “Numerous musicians and dancers from across the lands make their way to this fair hamlet. These artists include musicians, dancers, writers and painters who take part in music performances and dancing, exhibitions, theatre, debate, concerts, workshops and more. Within the framework of our festival a number of Vistani musical performances and improvisation will take place in the evenings. In addition to the music there is theatre and dancing where you shall enjoy the events of a lifetime! Be sure to vist Madam Eva! She has the gift of Sight and will tell you of your fortunes, if you dare to know them!”

“First off, lets welcome the Flying Wandini twins! ... “

The town is a buzz with excitement as the wanderers seek to entertain and sell handmade items to raise a bit of coin. Exotic men and women entice the locals, creating quite a stir in many a home.

“Watch them,”says Sir Maurice sternly. “I have encountered them in my travels. They litter their trail with lost coin and broken hearts. Remember what we talked about…no malcontents.”

The next few days are a whirlwind of color, music, temptation and a few accusations of petty theft. This all swirls at the doorstep of the Rangers…

Notes for the players We will start our adventure a couple of days into the festival. If you want, we can do a bit of roleplay in this framework or you can get your fortune told.



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