CGG SW Shaintar

Monster of Ash Woods

Something brutish lurks near dear Ashton

GM Big Dog

Rangers Hargen, Kmon Madbrewer, Lou Al-Hundra, Mandikar, Rashid

The first adventure of our Shaintar campaign took the members of the 7th Heron squad of Gray Rangers to the small town of Ashton. A monster had been reported in the nearby Ash Woods, attacking and killing some travelers and some locals.

The members of 7th Heron who were assigned to this mission were: Kmon the goblin alchemist, Rashid the Korindian archer, Hargen the two-sword fighter, Lou the arabic rogue, and Mandikar the Alakar warrior.

Upon reaching Ashton they found the townsfolk heading to a barn at the edge of town that had been adorns as a temple to Archanon, the Ascended of Light. A priest, Gallek, had come and was using the townsfolks’ worship to praise Archanon and beseech Him to keep the monster at bay. Troubling though was the exhausted nature of the townsfolk when they would leave worship, unable to return to their fields to work.

Investigations were made as well as a foray into the Ash Woods itself. Our heroes found ‘the Lows’, a dark area of the woods, fought a ten-foot-tall corpse golem and brought its head back to the town. There was much rejoicing until the priest brought a new body to the tavern, evidence that the monster was not finished.

Our heroes trailed the priest back into the woods and fought a second, weaker golem. They discovered the priest was actually a Priest of Darkness, creating these monsters. He was slain along with the first golem he was attempting to bring to life again.

They found a Staff of the Woodlands in the priest’s dark lair beneath a massive willow tree.


Kmon kicked some serious butt during this adventure. Goblin power!!

Monster of Ash Woods

Also, I added a GM link and PC links.

Monster of Ash Woods

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