CGG SW Shaintar

Mandikar's Fortune

Mandikar’s fortune as told by Madam Eva

In the days since the priest incident, Mandikar grew from viewing Ashton with pity from the plight of its people to fondness. He had always been a sucker for the weak, the underdog. As such he found himself helping out the villagers in small ways – tracking down a horse that got loose into the woods, using his brute strength to help a farmer mend a fence, and rescuing young Newt’s pet cat from up a tree – although the cat had other ideas and tried to place a “Hargen” on Mandikar’s face.

Being more practical in nature, the Vistani Festival was more of a nuisance. Mandikar was not a student of the arts and didn’t particularly appreciate music or dance. Now had there been bear wrestling or contests of strength – that would be entirely different.

One day during the festival Mandikar was wandering through the proceedings, not paying much attention to much of anything.

“Fortune told, ash? Know what’s to come on the morrow.”

Mand heard from his fellow Rangers about the boy and his employer. At once he was excited about the prospect, but also struck with fear. While able to smite worthy foes in battle, Mandikar was highly superstitious and gullible. For several moments he was unable to respond to the young solicitor.



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