CGG SW Shaintar

Lou's Fortune

Lou Al-Hundra’s fortune as told by Madam Eva

The fresh morning air tasted of grass and clover as Lou took in a deep breath through her mouth. She bent low until her hand touched the ground beside her feet. With a long audible exhale she stretched up until her hand reached far over her head. She stood like that for a moment feeling the warm new sun on her face. Her mind was clear of thought and her body tingled with the energy of the stretching routine. Taking another deep breath, she opened her eyes.

Crouching ten feet in front of her was a young Vistani boy. He watched her with his head tilled to the side, a smile too old for his age across his face. Lou jumped, having been brought out of her calm by this odd child.

“Fortune told, mam? First of the new sun, always the clearest words!”, he said in a practiced voice.

“Bah, move along little one. Not interested,” Lou replied, turning she went to make her way back to the front of the barn.

“Aw, pretty lady,” he said sliding in front of her, “the cards can tell you many things.”

“But then that gives away all the mysteries of life, Sadeeq. Somethings are fun to discover as they come,” she said as she tried to move around him.

“Some perhaps, but not all. Don’t you want to know if he returns your love. A love that has brewed in your heart for so many year,” he smiled slyly knowing he had hit his mark.

Lou’s heart lurched to a stop then started up three times as fast and twice as hard. She stared at the boy then pushed her way past him and almost ran into the barn. Ducking to the side of the entrance, she moved into the shadows and tried to catch her breath. The boy had not followed, knowing that he did not need to. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall. Taking deep breaths she tried to calm herself again like she had been after her stretches. The rough wood of the barn pulled at her hair, the smell of the fresh straw, the sound of Rashid’s voice…her eyes popped open and she could see him sitting with the others finishing the morning meal. The heart started beating harder again but this time it seemed to flutter. With a sigh, she moved outside to find the boy waiting for her, smiling.

He held out his hand, which she took and slowly walked Lou towards the tents…

Welcome to my palor, said the Spider to the Fly!”The old crone keeps a straight face for a moment while Lou gulps, then breaks out in a cackle. “Just something my grandmother would always say. Please sit. So young, so full of love, life, and hope. And it is Love you want to know about, my pretty?”

Lou nods,”yes, what does it hold for me.”

“You have a person in mind? Good. Think of him as I draw the cards. Allow yourself to feel what is deep in your heart. Then, we shall know.”

“First, we must seek to understand your past. Let us draw the first card…. Death!,”

“Now dearie, that is a good thing! It marks the beginning of a new life. In your past, you had a major love that ran its course. Things changed, perhaps blossoming from childhood infatuation into the wisdom of womanhood. Your thoughts of what is important in love changed.”

Second draw…The Fool, Ill Dignified!” [ooc – upside down to the reader]

“Ah, the perverbial ‘fool in love’. Although what you want in a man and relatioship has changed, you look back to what you had before, trying to recaputure it. It has led you to taking Ill advised risks in love, impulsive actions, choices and rash decisions. Until you get your mind and heart right, it is a bad time for commitments. Any love relationship you start today will likely end in disaster and half-finished commitements.”

“I see the disappointment on your face, but hoping or even knowing that he loves you will not make a relationship work. Let us see if the third card brings you the harmony you seek…The Sun! Oh great Joy for you!”

“Great love will come to you my dear. Joy and happiness!”

But now, the real reason you came. Does the man currently in your heart love you? A final draw…Strength, Ill Dignified!”

“This does not mean that your desire does not love you. But he likely has feelings of inadequacy. He does not feel that he can approach you. He will not act on his thoughts and desires. You, my dearie, will have to make the move when the time is right. But bear in mind your current state. A move too quick, and it will destroy the love you both desire.”



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