CGG SW Shaintar

Evil Seeds of the Aftermath

Kaval writes…

“The goblins are gone, but the destruction wrought during their siege lies all around us. Several homes were burned to the ground and much of the nearby crops were stolen or spoiled by the invaders. Cooperating with Sir Maurice, we’ve been directing clean up of things and starting to rebuild. We’re lucky, I suppose, that the attack came in Red Wolf, early summer, so the good people here have time to replant a crop or two. It will still be a hungry winter unless we get help.”

“Thomas the Fair arrived today along with some merchants from Mandelle. He has generously been helping his cousin tend to the wounded and ill here, while the merchants have been less altruistic. So far their prices have not been usurous, but it is sad to see people selling their possessions to restock on seed and food. We’ve also been helped by the arrival of monks from the Temple of the Three. I was good to see Kell the dwarf and Hammel the dregordian along with them. Hammel still seems haunted by the way the Acolyte used him, but he looks less like he will seek his own death. He seems very happy to see Lou and is spending time with her.”

“Hammel led us in services this morning at the cemetary hill northwest of town. By the grace of the Ascended, I hope the poor souls slain in the battle are at peace now. I’m feeling anxious at having a whole day devoted to prayer and fasting instead of rebuilding, but I’m keeping those thoughts to myself. This whole town needs healing that these monks can help to provide.”

“Mandikar noted that Joel of the Cups was acting strangely and by that I mean working hard and for long hours, and not visiting the tavern. Lou spoke with him and it seems that the events of late have made him long for a safer place to live. He might be leaving town soon. I wish him well, but I’ve never found a safe place to live. I gave up that fantasy after learning what Gryphon was really like.”

“More aid has arrived by the hand of Widow Ellen’s brother, Burke. I’m surprised at how jealous I felt of him and their warm greeting before I knew they were kin. Since them I’ve worked with him and he’s an upstanding person. He’s a carpenter in New Haven to the north and has been a great help with some of the rebuilding.”

“More darkness looms over Ashton. Alerted by Simon, a youth in Ashton, we followed the trail of some people who had been lurking near town. As night was falling we reached the boggy field between Farmer Ulianus and the orchards of the Kellum family. As we got close, the dead rose out of the swamps to attack us! Kmon cast spells of obscuring and fire while we fought the creatures. He also used that magic ring to create a wall of bones between us at the foul risen. Thane did well, getting me around the battlefield, but he needs training. We slipped into part of the swamp and it took me far too long to get him back under control. In the end, we slew five or more of the raised dead and the foul necromancer who had desecrated the bodies for his purposes. Will the tragedies not cease for poor Ashton?”


“You live with a Boomer, you live with the scars!” – Joanna about Kmon’s blast.


Will the tragedies not cease for poor Ashton?

Nope! I have a few evil ideas still brewing <evil>

Evil Seeds of the Aftermath

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